100 ways

We just went through with the first 100 days of the BBM administration, and the question now is – are we better off than before?

Of course, 100 days is not really an accurate measurement of achievements, and whatever accomplishments were attained, there will still be the residue of what the previous admin did, good or bad.

Now if I were to rate the first 100 days, I would give it a grade of 85 percent, especially because considering how challenging the times are, our nation remains resilient under the present dispensation.

I mean, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is quite staggering, especially for the world economy now in a tailspin. But we are managing to hold on, and I can see robust consumerism gaining more and more foothold.

And this consumer spending is also a sign of our determined bid to return to normalcy after a pandemic that has really crippled us. And again, am amazed that even without a DoH Secretary, the administration is managing the post-pandemic period quite well. Perhaps the target of mask-free living will be achieved by December.

On infrastructure, this is where the PBBM admin gets a very high rating, and this is where I see CONTINUITY being adopted. Please, by all ways and means, proceed!

Now as to the kinks in the Unity armor, let me just say that it’s good that a cleansing of the snake pit has been done this early, except of course the ouster of Press Secretary Trixie Angeles. It’s quite unfortunate that she was caught up in an internal power struggle, and it was a case of a “pick your poison” scenario for her in how she was carrying out her task and duty as PS.

Nevertheless, while I am still in the process of really trying to understand, discern and rationalize the President’s decision-making process, I would like to extend to him the benefit of the doubt, as well as give him the leeway in trying to fulfill the overwhelming mandate that was entrusted to him by the Filipino people.

I do understand that he has so much political baggage to carry, more so that he has to redeem Marcos’ name. It is perhaps why he has been very cautious and unassuming, because in these first 100 days, what he really is doing is allowing the natural course of events to take place, and letting the people around him show their true colors, so he can filter them out.

It may look bad publicly, but I like that it is happening this early because it can only get better from here.

And for more than 100 days, I can sense that what really matters to President Bongbong Marcos is for him to find 100 ways to make our nation great again.
Mark my word.

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