Intangible fruits of the ‘Honeymoon Period’

The nation’s top leaders continue to enjoy the people’s confidence since their monumental victory in the May elections and assumption into office. In the case of President Bongbong Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara Z. Duterte, the initial public adulation usually reserved for rock stars is gradually turning into admiration accorded to venerable statesmen and public servants.

Both registered high approval and trust ratings in a recent Publicus Asia survey. In the face of internal and external challenges, our Chief Executive and his second-in-command have creditably performed during the ‘honeymoon period.’

Hence, it is imperative to publicly highlight their accomplishments in the context of our economic recovery. For instance, the economic team managers should periodically brief the people about government measures that address inflation, peso devaluation, and other economic woes. To be transparent and accountable to the citizenry, the government must address the lacuna in its communication strategy. Media experts and professionals should populate the press secretary’s office to keep the public well-informed.

PBBM’s notable achievements

So, what concrete and intangible accomplishments has the Marcos administration attained so far?

First, I believe that President Marcos’ first 100 days is a triumph of democracy. Filipinos across the globe and the international community have affirmed his legitimacy as a sovereign of our republic. Even the belligerent opposition has acknowledged that his presidency resulted from honest and fair elections.

Second, his administration adheres to the principles of good governance. Proof of this is the unceremonious exit of former Executive Secretary Vic Rodriguez, whose professional and personal ties with PBBM run deep. He sent out the message that there are no sacred cows in the Presidential Cabinet. Any executive branch member whose action undermines the government’s credibility would be shown the door.

Third, the people felt his compassionate leadership during calamities. Whether being present at ground zero or at the helm in the command center, PBBM or through national agency heads brought government resources to disaster victims. It was evident in the aftermath of the Abra earthquake and the wake of super typhoons such as “Karding.”

Fourth, he made an impressive debut on the world stage. His official visits to the United States, Singapore, and Indonesia have brought home billions in investment pledges, which boost the economy’s march towards the Upper Middle-Income level by 2024 and High-Income status by 2045. At the United Nations General Assembly, he underscored our independent foreign policy of being “a friend to all and an enemy to none” amid the Russia-Ukraine war and increasing tension between China and Taiwan.

Fifth, PBBM established a working relationship founded on mutual trust and respect with VP Sara. After 12 years, we see a vice president designated as an officer in charge every time the chief executive leaves the country.

VP Sara’s main achievements

It is refreshing to witness the vice president’s unconditional support of PBBM. It assures us that our second-highest official would never plot against the sitting president. Consistently, VP Sara has eschewed politicking and refused to become a mere spare tire. For that alone, she deserves an “A” rating.

Her laser-focused delivery of services to all sectors, through seven satellite offices nationwide and a Disaster Operations Center, brings her programs closer to the people. Her resolute stand against terrorism and criminality is commendable. These internal threats are a bane to national stability and prosperity.

It helps that VP Sara is also a committed Education Secretary. I praise her decision to bring back face-to-face classes since the government mandates public and private schools to comply with the required health standards. Her request for a fraud audit on an anomalous laptop procurement involving budget and education department personnel in 2021 shows her resolve to weed out corruption in the basic education sector.

Overall, I am happy to give my full support and loyalty to our leaders. Keep up the outstanding work, PBBM and VP Sara!

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