DoTr wants moto taxi law enacted

The Department of Transportation said it will push for the legalization of the motorcycle taxi operation and support other industry developments, including Grab’s buyout of Move It, to allow more options and provide faster and more efficient means of transportation to commuters.

“We allow the operations of motorcycle taxis right now even as we are getting information in aid of legislation. Until a law governing the operations of motorcycle taxis is enacted they’re operating only on the basis of a provisional authority,” Transportation secretary Jaime Bautista said during the 2022 Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines Infrastructure Forum co-presented by the Metro Pacific Investment Corporation and PLDT.

“Hopefully, Congress can enact a bill to allow or how we can give the franchise to these motorcycle taxis because what is being discussed right now is more on safety,” he added.

Not illegal

Bautista also pointed out that Grab has no permit to operate a fleet of motorcycle taxis. However, he noted that Grab’s acquisition of Move It is “not illegal.”

“Grab doesn’t have the permit but I understand they own Move It. (The DoTr) does not have to review the deal because it was a private transaction,” Bautista said.

The Transportation chief pointed out that the DoTr is more concerned with ensuring efficient and safe operations of the motorcycle taxi players.

Move It management has reiterated that Grab’s acquisition of the company does not indicate that it is re-entering the motorcycle taxi industry. Move It said it remains the third motorcycle taxi operator in the country, underscoring that the two entities continue to operate separately.

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