Happily married GMA artist went through rough times

Kristoffer Martin is a happily married man.

But things were rough before the GMA talent settled down. “If I didn’t go through that hardship, I won’t feel contentment with my wife and our child. It was something that needed to happen,” he said in a media conference for his new single “’Di Ba?”

The 27-year-old singer/actor married his girlfriend AC Banzon on 3 February. The couple had dated for seven years before breaking up in 2020. They reconciled in 2021.

They have a daughter, Precious Christine or Prè.

Nobody knew about the couple’s getting back together until netizens spotted them wearing similar wristbands.

“Being married is a different feeling. Before I wed AC, I thought marriage was just a formality,” Martin said. “But the day after our marriage, it felt different.”

However, the theme of his new single is hardly about good times.

“‘Di Ba?” is about a man having a hard time accepting the end of a relationship hoping he can still reconcile with his significant other.

Martin said he could relate to it to when he and AC broke up.

“The song can have many interpretations. For me, there was a point in my life when I made a mistake,” he said.

“’Di Ba?” is available on digital music platforms.


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