Ice cream classics with a fresh twist

There’s always something new in the food scene, and over at Sebastian’s Ice Cream, they have just launched their newest creations — American Classics and Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mixes.

Actually, Poppits have long been a regular part of the ice cream brand’s menu. They are bite-sized ice cream nuggets dipped in a thin, crackly layer of chocolate that you just pop into your mouth and enjoy. They come in tubs of 14 pieces each, some in just one flavor and others, such as the Assorted Party Mix, consist of seven different flavors at two pieces per flavor. Having observed from their The Podium store that the Assorted Party Mix is the best-seller among the Poppits, Sebastian’s released American Classics and Pinoy Favorites. Both pint mixes feature seven new ice cream flavors at two pieces per flavor.

Photographs by Dolly Dy-Zulueta for THE DAILY TRIBUNE
Buddy’s famous pancit Lucban.

American Classics goes back to the roots of ice cream and pays homage to the classic flavors. The seven flavors are Nutty Vanilla (vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and roasted peanuts), dark chocolate (dark chocolate in dark chocolate), strawberry (strawberry in white chocolate), butter pecan (brown butter ice cream with roasted pecans dipped in caramel chocolate), mint chip (peppermint in mint white chocolate and Oreo crumble), Banana Nut (banana ice cream with chocolate chips dipped in white chocolate and roasted peanuts), and Cookies n’ Crème (Cookies n’ Crème in white chocolate and Oreo crumble).

Sebastian Ice Cream’s Mint Chip Poppit, peppermint ice cream dipped in mint white chocolate and Oreo crumble.

Pinoy Favorites celebrates how the Philippines has crafted its own legacy of ice creams — ube (ube ice cream in white chocolate), keso (cheese in salted white chocolate), mango (mango in white chocolate), champorado (chocolate kakanin ice cream in dark chocolate and pinipig crumble), suman (coconut ice cream in white chocolate and pinipig crumble), kapeng barako (coffee in mocha chocolate), and ginataang halo-halo (coconut ice cream infused with kamote and langka dipped in white chocolate).


Sebastian Ice Cream’s new American Classics and Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mixes.

And while Sebastian’s ice Cream is launching its two new certified hit Poppit mixes, Quezon-born restaurant Buddy’s brings Lucban fiesta vibes to the metro for their 37th anniversary. The anniversary party, hosted by founder Zaldy Veluz, wife Nova Veluz and their children, showcased the popular party trays and bilaos of Buddy’s, including pancit Lucban, Buddy’s Spaghetti, Lucban longganisa, chicken barbecue, hardinera, and pork sisig. Buddy’s also sells frozen Lucban longganisa and hardinera, which guests got to take home as a special anniversary gift, and soon it will make its special suka and Atchara available in the market.

Buddy’s Lucban longganisa.

As a special treat, Buddy’s recently offered its 37 Fiesta Years Anniversary Promo, which is an anniversary bundle of P370 for a set of pancit Lucban, on dozen of Lucban longganisa, and cassava cake. The eight-day promo brought the original price down from P623 for a heaping P253 savings, even as Buddy’s looks forward to more decades of serving the Filipino.

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