Larry Alcala enters the metaverse, the first Blue-Chip Fine Arts NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Launchpad in Asia, pays tribute to beloved cartoonist and national artist Larry Alcala with a witty and fun PFP (Profile Picture) collection.

True to its vision of bridging the generations through arts and culture, the PFP collection celebrates Larry Alcala collection with inspiring NFT projects: Bored Punks of Society, Planktoons, Distort Monsters, Black Eyed Freaks, Mustachioverse by Ownly, and Bjorn Calleja. The images of these projects will be embedded in select Larry Alcala PFPs to create Rares.

Get to know these amazing partner projects that have made a difference in this space.


Bored Punks of Society (@boredpunksoc): Bored Punks of Society is a community-driven social movement x social club that is focused on educating, connecting, thriving, and spreading the beauty of cryptocurrencies, investing, and web 3.0 to the mass through onboarding and NFTs.

Planktoons (@planktoonsNFT):  Planktoons is a collection of 4444 planktons-inonesies. A choose-your-own-adventure story is built from the ground up by their artists, lore writers, and content writers. It’s up to the community to decide what happens in each part of the story over the course of the season.

Distort Monsters (@distortmonsters): Distort Monsters’ art is influenced by skateboarding and punk rock, his characters are more than just bold outlines and multilinear textures — they’re colorful representations of a counterculture spirit.

Black Eyed Freaks (@blackeyedfreaks): A collection created by Artist Nokturnal. These PFPs are made according to what the requestors do or desire to become. What makes these PFPs unique is that they have no eyes — branding the project as Black Eyed Freaks.

Bjorn Calleja (@bjorncalleja): Bjorn Calleja is a Filipino painter and interdisciplinary artist, whose works play with the idea of the micro and macro-cosms of humans within and against their environments, in an ecological, social, and internal sense.

Mustachio Quest by Ownly (@ownlyio and @mustachioverse): The Mustachios are the first-ever NFT Tales to be told in the NFT industry. Intricately hand-drawn by the talented Boii Mustache. The play-and-earn game, Mustachio Quest, is where our Mustachio holders can fulfill quests in an open-world NFT game as their 3D Mustachio avatar.

This is a wonderful welcome for Larry Alcala fans who grew up with his characters that epitomized the quintessential Pinoy life. Alcala is best known for his weekly Sunday series the Slice of Life which became an anticipated issue every Sunday for all Filipino families where it’s a game to find his hidden profile. He is a true symbol of Pinoy pop culture and was also awarded the Grand Collar of the Order of National Artists.

The Larry Alcala NFT is perfect as gifts for you or your loved one, with its numerous colorful characters, you can definitely identify someone you know, from your own family or community, or even find a reflection of yourself! You can be active by following Scarletbox’s social media accounts to be whitelisted. In addition to owning your Larry Alcala character, you will get these perks: Access to merchandise drops, chance to win free raffled prizes, and exclusive gifts for certain rares.

This is the Pre-Reveal Box that collectors will get. Once revealed, the collectors will get to see the Larry Alcala character they own.

Scarletbox has a full service concierge, guides those who choose to venture into digital art ownership in the metaverse. For details, contact Scarletbox at or visit or email Also catch them on soc-med:

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