A taxing week’s ‘silver’ lining

Oktoberfest has finally come and Filipinos are not one to ignore this festive season as beer and liquor is a staple in every Filipino celebration, and Heineken has something new to offer to beer drinkers like myself, just in time for the season in the form of the Heineken Silver.

In an event hosted by the Dutch brewing company titled “Heineken Silver Smooooth Nights” held at Xylo in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig last 7 October, my friends Micah and Zoe and I were greeted with free flowing supplies of the refreshing premium lager beer that is the Heineken Silver, a beer lagered at -1°C for a crisp flavor and subtle finish.

The new silver variant kept on coming throughout the night even before we were done with the first batch of beer served.

The delight during the Silver party didn’t even end there as prizes awaited guests who would participate in a guess-the-number game wherein my best friend Micah killed the game with zero to no effort, earning her a 64oz Hydro Flask tumbler, a feat that left party attendees in awe.

As the night progressed, Dutch DJ Marc Benjamin defined the tone for the night with his well-mixed house and mainstream music, along with theatrical elements added by programmed laser and light effects, confetti blasters, and the cherry-on-top smoke machine sprayed on revelers. Exquisite aerial hoop dancer performances and circling lasers kept the frenzy going in BGC’s top-tier club.

Benjamin was followed by two of Manila’s most-renowned DJs, Mars Miranda and the legendary Ace Ramos, who masterfully leveled up the excitement and hype till 3 a.m. keeping two of my buddies on their feet and dancing their way through the crowd while drinking the never-ending Heineken Silver beer that club servers kept serving us even when we were away from our table.

Heineken definitely knows how to put the “Smooth” in “Smooooth Nights,” as it was a memorable and fun evening for us and the other social media influencers and members of the media in attendance, made even better by the newly launched refreshing beer, Heineken Silver.

Heineken silver is currently available in supermarkets and liquor stores around the country, as well as on e-commerce sites. A great drink for gatherings, parties, and events.

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