Abucay road mishap kills 3

ABUCAY, Bataan — Three individuals died on the spot while scores were left injured after a passenger bus collided head on with an oil tanker along Roman Highway in Barangay Laon Wednesday dawn here.

Abucay Police chief Major Dennis Duran said that the fatalities — identified as Walter Buenaventura, the driver of Bataan Transit bus, Reynaldo Monte, the driver of the oil tanker and his passenger John Mark Victoria — were killed instantly after the collision.

Initial investigations revealed that the Bataan Transit but was traveling northbound when the oil tanker — traveling towards the south direction occupied the opposite lane without noticing the incoming passenger bus which caused the head-on collision.

Police are still gathering how many passengers were wounded.

The police official said that the cause of the mishap was human error.

“All the passengers of the Bataan Transit were brought to Bataan General Hospital for medical attention,” Duran said.

The mishap caused monstrous traffic jam for several hours along six-lane Roman highway.

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