DOTr to collaborate with Norway to improve Phl transport system

Norway’s advanced transport infrastructure present “valuable models” to the Philippines even as the Department of Transportation seeks more collaboration with the European country to improve the Philippines’ transportation systems, Secretary Jaime Bautista said on Thursday, 13 October.

At the Philippines-Norway Maritime and Energy Conference, Bautista said Norway’s advanced public transport infrastructure—roads, railways, and aviation—is subsidized by its government.

“We certainly can learn much from the Norwegian model—much of your infrastructure is publicly owned, while operations are performed by private companies,” Bautista said, adding that the Philippines is heading toward the same direction.

“You already enjoy a high-speed railway line. It is also worth emulating that your rail transits are operated by the counties with its ticketing system already integrated into the bus transport.”

On Wednesday, Bautista welcomed the Norwegian vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl, where Filipino seafarers will undergo training aboard the modern vessel.

Docked at the Port of Manila, the three-masted rigged sail training vessel serves as a floating university/training vessel for maritime students. The six Filipino crew on board represent the over 20,000 seafarers from the country on board Norwegian-owned and operated vessels.

The vessel is currently on a global navigation around the world under “One Ocean Expedition,” a global campaign that shares knowledge about the importance of the ocean in achieving sustainable development for the future.


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