‘Landless’ hopeful on Lacuna program

Landless residents of the fourth district of Manila are hoping that Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna will set her sights on their plight of being landless for several decades following the implementation of the “Land for the Landless” program of the city government.

In a recent dialogue of the local government to residents of the fourth district, Lacuna — along with Vice Mayor Yul Servo and other LGU and police officials — met with the residents at the Barangay 424 covered court to hear their pleas.

The residents are hoping that Lacuna will push through with her flagship project of ensuring private lots — mostly inherited from old rich clans in Manila that had been rendered for lease — will be bought by the local government and be awarded to qualified tenants who have been leasing for almost three generation.

Earlier, the local government awarded lots to more than 30 qualified tenants from the private lots owned by Dimayuga Estate, Janda Estate, Alfonso Tuason Estate, Rita Legarda Estate and Jose Fajardo Estate.

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