What BGC looks like on a Sunday

The best-tasting coffee can be found at BGC.

That is, if you’re adventurous enough to try espresso with a twist.

I first heard of it from Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia, who was recently asked on Reddit what’s her favorite coffee. “Campfire coffee,” she said, which turned out as one of the variants available at Because Coffee of fashion brand Harlan + Holden.

I was curious what “campfire” meant, so off I went, on a Sunday, to the coffee shop’s lone outlet so far, at One Bonifacio High Street in BGC.

Described as “espresso and thick, rich and luscious double chocolate drink topped with toasted vanilla marshmallow crème,” it came in a small cup, very pricey at P180.

But the taste floored me. The bitter flavor of espresso melded with just the minimal sweetness of dark chocolate.

I had it iced. Which means it could be more heavenly when hot.

In any case, the place swarmed with hundreds of coffee drinkers that night.

Outside, families lounged at picnic tables, nibbling at food while kids rode bicycles around the street.

Nearby, colorfully dressed guys on stilts happily obliged the Sunday crowd to take pictures.

A few hundred meters away, a female musician was busking with a Filipino song — her guitar case filled with cash from the audience.

Walking on, I espied motorcycles of various sizes parked in what looked like a gathering of bikers.

BGC on a Sunday transforms into a park with fun and surprises.

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