Baguio mayor sued by councilor

BAGUIO CITY — A member of the Baguio City Council recently filed cases of slander and libel before the Office of the Prosecutor against Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

Local legislator Mylene Yaranon — based on her complaint-affidavit — is formally charging Magalong for his alleged intentions to malign, destroy or injure her reputation by making statements against her.

She said that Magalong made a speech on 4 July 2022 wherein she was his subject and was accused of intentionally twisting facts and figures.

Yaranon disclosed that the Baguio City mayor alleged that she was politicking. She submitted an audio clip of Magalong’s statement with her affidavit of complaint. She also said that the mayor is accusing her of doing nothing when the architects she called to help in the rehabilitation of the Baguio City Public Market are allegedly asking for 10 percent of the total amount of the project.

“Mayor Magalong clearly attacked and discredit my reputation not only as public official but also as a person. He insinuated that I am a person of no principle and a public official that is not doing anything on matters of public interests,” Yaranon stressed on her complaint.

She added that on her Facebook post, she only posted her opinion and appreciation on the program of a former high official of the country. She said she never mentioned the name of Magalong. “My post was never directed to any person, office or any agency,” Yaranon stated.

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