Kuya Bong fully backs OP budget

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has expressed his full support for the 2023 budgets of the Office of the President and its technical assistance arm, the Presidential Management Staff, during a budget hearing conducted by the Committee on Finance recently.

The senator lauded President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for his performance in his first 100 days in office.

“Amid high expectations from the public, the President and his cabinet strategized plans and policies which aimed to give the Filipino people a ‘better’ and ‘safer’ Philippines,” Go said.

He also commended the President for giving particular emphasis on strengthening the public healthcare system and ensuring an inclusive economic recovery.

“I am certain that with the leadership of President Marcos, together with the Office of the President, Office of the Executive Secretary, and the Presidential Management Staff, the foundation for recovery of health, livelihood, and peace will be strengthened,” Go said.

The lawmaker urged the government to build on the successes of the previous administration and continue to make the lives of Filipinos more comfortable. He also asked the government to “ensure that no one will be left behind in the road towards recovery in support of the current administration’s goals.”

Go then shared his experience working with the PMS and the Office of the Executive Secretary when he was still Special Assistant to the President. He praised the staff for their professionalism and commitment to performing their duties.

He also recognized the demands of their work, assuring them of his full support as long as they serve the Filipino people well.

“While others only see the President and his cabinet, you and I know the hardship and challenges that your offices go through, the complete staff work, the piles of documents to be reviewed before it reaches the President’s desk, the coordination needed to put the house in order from the most senior staff members down to the unsung heroes who ensure the success of country’s highest office,” Go said.

With this, and with the huge task at hand, Go expressed his full support to the OP, OES and PMS as they continue to serve the Filipino people especially those needing government attention the most.

In his capacity as senator, Go expressed his hopes for the current administration’s success and said he is ready to support its legislative agenda that he believes will advance the welfare of Filipinos.

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