Malolos LGU eyes balance amid pandemic

The local government of Malolos City in Bulacan disclosed recently that it has been finding ways to strike a balance between historical preservation and modernization amid the coronavirus disease pandemic.

In an interview with Daily Tribune’s online morning show “Gising Na,” Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad said that keeping up with modern ways of living while also maintaining pieces of history in the City has always been a challenge.

“We always tried to balance the ingress of the new developments that is outpouring from the National Capital Region to here and at the same time, we have to preserve the deep heritage of the city,” said Natividad.

In their case, Natividad said that they are following the policies imposed by the National Heritage Preservation Society of the Philippines, particularly in preserving old houses in the area.

Malolos City is also preparing for the upcoming Christmas celebrations by preserving the province’s distinct art form of leaf-weaving known as ‘Puni,’ with the efforts of their constituents.

However, Natividad stressed that not everything is fun and festive, as the city is also keeping peace and order by managing initiatives and strengthening the Philippine National Police force against criminal activities within its jurisdiction.

The mayor also shared their preparations for the upcoming observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day where people are expected to flock to cemeteries to remember deceased loved ones:

Natividad said that they are prioritizing the resumption of classes post-pandemic and other infrastructure projects that could benefit the community.

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