Security Bank emerges Philippines’ best bank

Security Bank Corporation has been named the Philippines’ Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion by premiere financial magazine Asiamoney at the 2022 Asiamoney Best Bank Awards.

“At Security Bank, gender equality is at the center of its mission to build stronger communities and empower the creation of innovative new businesses. In December, social media firm LinkedIn chose the bank for its annual Diversity Champion award. The platform emphasized Security Bank’s success in ensuring equal consideration for pay raises, promotions, and decision-making processes,” Asiamoney said.

“Security Bank has made great strides in building a workforce that provides equal opportunities — championing partnerships with various organizations to create a merit-based approach to talent acquisition and leadership. Being named the Philippines’ Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion fuels our commitment to becoming a true Employer of Choice in the Philippines,” said Sanjiv Vohra, president and CEO of Security Bank.

According to studies conducted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, greater gender equality can enhance economic productivity in organizations and improve development outcomes for the next generation, allowing for the creation of more inclusive policies that benefit the current and future workforce.

“The bank stands out in the region because of the progress it has made toward a gender-neutral view of recruitment and the number of women in middle and senior management positions. Women hold about 58 percent of the senior management positions, and the bank has consistently come top in the Philippines in recent years for this metric,” Asiamoney said.

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