Why his patrons love Edwin Wilwayco’s paintings

People buy art for various reasons. One hears of a matron who wants something that would enhance a corner of her living room, so she picks a painting that either complements, heightens or contrasts with the dark-hued walls. Another one acquires an artwork because she loves a theme, whether it’s the harvest season, the Madonna and Child or water in nature, whether these are water falls, ponds or the seashore.

I recently asked two of artist Edwin Wilwayco’s collectors why they like his creations and they both obliged me with insightful answers, one very eloquent and the other, succinct.

Works that speak
Robbie, who is one of the most active art patrons, said he likes in Edwin’s works his “varied sources of inspiration.” The young art collector printed out each series the artist makes is “derived from a particular experience — listening to music, viewing a landscape, or being by the sea. Each series has something new to offer to the viewer.”

Energetic, variable, and masterful, Edwin Wilwayco’s Wave Cadenza, 2021-2022, oil on canvas.

His favorites among his Wilwayco treasure trove are “the sculptural ones that are more unique,” as well as the artist’s first monochromatic paintings.

An admirer of the artist since 2004, Robbie knows whereof he speaks when he says, “Edwin’s art evolves — whether with the use of materials (he has used burlap and net in the past, in the recent years, handmade paper as part of the composition or with the sizes of his artworks (mural size, verticals).

Robbie, a most discriminating collector, only chooses “works that speak to me and that tap my senses. These would be my criteria for buying.”

Edwin Wilwayco, 70, is an abstract expressionist.

Filipino at heart
He remembers “Edwin’s shows that I attended in Singapore, Rhode Island and New York. They have always been a treat and they bring back fond memories.”

Edwin, to Robie, “is a Filipino at heart. From his jeepneys to his birds of paradise, his works evoke his tropical island roots.”

He is looking forward “to the artist producing works that pay homage to the Holy Trinity and Mama Mary, these underlining his spirituality being a religious person. I think that would be interesting.”

Conversing with you
Elmo Nobleza, who is another Wilwayco top collector along with his wife Babette, loves the artist’s “color combinations and pop of colors,” and names “The River Circles” and “In Nature’s Realm” as his favorites.

He and his wife like it that each time they attend Edwin’s exhibition, “there’s always something new.” That the paintings give the impression “as though they are conversing with you and would like to embrace you” allow him to have a personal relationship with each work.

Photographs courtesy of EdwIn wilwayco
Art collectors and couple Elmo and Babette Nobleza.

On a personal note, he points out that “Edwin’s paintings brighten my space. We have also forged a personal friendship. He is not a stranger in our home.”

Edwin Wilwayco’s exhibition, Wave Cadenza, opened on 11 October and runs through the 22nd at Galerie Joaquin Rockwell, R3 level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati.  For inquiries, contact Galerie Joaquin at +63 915 414 5502 or email galeriejoaquinrockwell@gmail.com.

A retired life insurance executive, Wilwayco is also a regular judge in visual art contests for elementary, high school, and college students all over the country.

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