CHR favors Bulacan mining ban

The Commission on Human Rights is backing the continued suspension of mining, quarrying, and other types of extractive operations in the province of Bulacan.

The agency said that that it lauds the resolve of the provincial government of Bulacan led by Governor Daniel Fernando and the Bulacan Environment and Natural Resources Office to tackle illegal mining and quarrying in their province.

To recall, Fernando issued the ban on 16 August 2022 in response to the discovery of illegal mining and quarrying activities in Bulacan.

This demonstrates that they give due primacy to the safety and welfare of the people and the long-term state of the environment.

“Protecting the environment, which supports the enjoyment of many basic rights, also ensures the welfare and dignity of the community that inhabits it. On the contrary, the degradation of our environment leads to many issues, including loss of human lives, conflict over resources, food insecurity, public health crises, among others,” the CHR said.

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