Phl battles visiting Guam

The national women’s futsal team will be facing Guam in a pair of friendly matches that aims to prepare it for major international competitions.

National coach Vic Hermans said they will test their mettle against the Guamanians in friendly games on Saturday and on Sunday at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

Hermans said he hopes the exposure will be their stepping stone in building a solid program that aims at dominating the international arena.

Unlike the usual football played in the pitch, women’s futsal is played indoors with 12 minutes per half and a three-minute halftime break.

“I’m very happy that Guam can come over so we can gauge together,” Hermans, a Dutch coach, said in a press briefing at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium on Friday.

“This is the first time we will be facing Guam and we would like to have more games like this.”

“There are so many countries in Asia that we can go to and it is very important for the team to measure where are the girls now.”

The Philippines is ranked No. 54 in women’s futsal while the Guamanians are still unranked.

For Guam head coach Ross Awa, he is excited to face the Philippines so that they can gauge their strength in a bid to solidify their program.

“We do have a game plan coming up and we want to show what we can do,” Awa said.

“The girls are nervous but are also very excited. Overall, mixed emotions for the team.”

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