Tootsy Echauz Angara: Compleat family woman

A few seasons ago, I featured Tootsy Echauz Angara as the Social Set’s choice for Woman of the Year. It was a
well-received choice because she had always shown her support for her husband, Sen. Sonny Angara, while continuing to be a dedicated mother.

Through the years, she has consistently given her best, whether dressing up for the part of a senatorial wife or a mother rooting for Manolo as a tennis player, Nessie as a dancer and singer or simply  being Javier, cute and lovable and funny, or fulfilling her responsibilities as an active leader of the Senate Spouses Foundation — of which she has been elected as its secretary, or simply lending her awesome presence to events and balls, and of course, the SONA where she was always a sight to behold without being dramatic or sensational.

Photographs courtesy of Tootsy Angara

In all these instances, she has remained true to herself, simple, elegant and charming. Sonny and their children, Manolo, Ines, and Javier are lucky to have her in their day-to-day lives.

Let’s hear from Tootsy herself, whose words of affection and insights on their fantastic family life, tell us what it takes to be an ideal woman like her. While they are jottings for her Facebook entries, they allow us a glimpse into the writer herself, what she stands for in her life, and what matters most to her while ensuring she remains dedicated to every role she has to play.

Great, cool dad
Oh, Papi, our Dada! Every day with you is loads of fun!!! “Bawal ang pikon” in our family because of you. Thank you for the crazy sense of humor — you’re such a great cool dad — you teach them about life, sports, history and love (right Nessie?) in your classic Dada way. You are full of compassion, love and strength Thank you for being engaged, supportive and loving!!! You are perfect at everything you do — maybe except cutting hair. I love you oodles of noodles!!!

With you for more than half of my life

They were different in so many ways, and yet somehow it made them exactly right for each other.” Two decades ago, you liked white meat, I preferred dark. You were a History buff while I liked pop culture. We were like Dharma and Greg. You like dark chocolate, I like milk. You like politics, I love entertainment. You love to read, I love to dance. You like Winter, I like Summer. You’re strong, I’m soft.

I love theme parks and you can’t stand them. I love dressing up for Halloween and you don’t. You were studying for the bar️, I went bar hopping. And here we are! After 19 years plus five years of dating, three kids, and one chaotic fun farm. We both like the same things (except for my Spotify playlist and Netflix preferences). I’ve been with you for more than half my life, happier than ever. Life with you has been one cozy warm hug and lots of laughter. And every day, I thank the Lord for the gift of you. Love you soooooo much, Sonny Boy.

Our forever MVP
The Celtics may have lost but you, “our beloved Dada” is our forever MVP!

Happy Father’s Day to the dad who says yes to everything and makes me look like the bad cop. It’s okay, I’ll take one for the team. Like… Allowing Nessie to buy roller skates (when I told her you said no!), allowing Manolo to take a gap year and supportive of all his tennis plans (so am I naman), and asking Javier to eat a lot of chocolate ice cream because you want him to have a tummy We will always remember when you watched the Lakers game and bought Manolo a Lakers Jersey even if you have always been a diehard Celtics fan!


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