Why essay writing is wonderful

Boredom was a thing many had to deal with during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

People were stuck in their houses with only technology or Wi-Fi. It was one less thing to worry about if you already had lots of video games to busy yourself.

One productive thing that stimulated bored people, like me, during quarantine was writing essays.

Nowadays, essays aren’t just done on paper. Gadgets now have applications like Microsoft Word, Notes, or Pages for such activity. Technology is within the reach of many students at this time, hence they can use it to do worthwhile things instead.

Essays can be a good platform to see if a student understands the lessons discussed in school. Aside from that, there are other exciting topics to write about like your favorite show or memorable traveling experience.

Essay writing comes with challenges, too. The biggest pain in the neck is writer’s block, described as a condition in which a person runs out of ideas on what to write about. Time can also be a problem.

Amid these, essay writing can still be an enjoyable experience once we are committed to it. Essays open us to things that we have yet to learn and places to be explored. It is a rewarding feeling when we’re able to finish work that we can show to the world.

Get your pen, or gadget, and write those thoughts that you have always wanted to share in an essay. It’s never too late to do so, Covid-19 pandemic or not.

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