Additional modalities for seniors’ payout

For more cost-effective and efficient distribution of the monthly social pension for indigent senior citizens, the Department of Social Welfare and Development will now utilize additional modalities for the release of the cash subsidy.

Through the recently issued Memorandum Circular 17 series of 2022, the DSWD Field Offices, will determine the most feasible and efficient delivery schemes for the distribution of the social pension in their respective areas.

Some of the modes of payment that may be used by the FO, include cash payout facilitated by Designated Special Disbursing Officers through a plaza-type payout and cash cards through an authorized government depository bank.

Likewise, fund transfers to local government units and payout through money remittance companies were added to the modalities.

The Department said that the scheme to be used will vary depending on the assessment of the FOs to ensure responsiveness considering the safety of both the beneficiaries and DSWD personnel, in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, MC 17, likewise, amended the schedule of distribution of the social pension, which will now be released to the beneficiaries through various modalities every January to June and July to December. The pension was previously released to the beneficiaries on a quarterly basis.

For the remaining months of 2022, beneficiaries of the program, whose P500-monthly stipend for the third and fourth quarters are yet to be released, will receive their pension within the second semester amounting to P3,000.

The Department said that the amendment in the frequency of distribution was sought to fast-track the release of the social pension to the beneficiaries, and in consideration of the limitation of funds for administrative cost, workforce and disbursing officers.

To date, the DSWD has released the pension to more than 3.4 million beneficiaries, or 86 percent of its total target of social pension beneficiaries for the year 2022.

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