Breakfast options fit for a king

Everyone talks about how important it is to eat a hearty breakfast. But now that Christmas is also just a few weeks away, everyone’s getting busier prepping for the upcoming festivities as well.

So when days are packed and mornings are even more hectic, what does one do to make sure that they can still start their day with a breakfast fit for a king?

Let’s start by making sure these classic breakfast staples are in your pantry: bacon, sausages, and franks.

The All-Time Favorite: Bacon

Everyone loves bacon, that’s a universally accepted fact. The flavor profile of this breakfast favorite combines salty, sweet, and umami flavors that is complemented by a light crunch that few can resist.

But not all bacon is made equal, it turns out.

The way bacon tastes and cooks changes based on the quality of the pork used, how the meat is prepared, and how the strips are cured and made. In short, the brand of bacon you choose can make or break a good breakfast. This is why King Sue Ham’s Bacon is definitely a must-try.

King Sue Ham’s bacon is made from premium and quality meat that is meticulously prepared following a proprietary salt-curing step-by-step process. Their signature flavor is distinct and delicious because they ensure that every strip offers a balanced combination of marbling and spices to create that tasty crunch everybody loves.

Packing All the Flavor: Sausage

Another hearty breakfast option? Sausages.

Sausages contain a blend of spices and herbs that combine to create a mild, mouthwatering flavor that it is known for. The seasoning blend used to create sausages is what defines its taste. Combined with top quality meat, you get a tasty morning staple that’s flavorful and tender.

For this, we’re partial to King Sue Ham’s Hungarian Sausage.

Pork & Beef has a very mild flavor, so knowing what spices and seasonings to use is what makes Hungarian Sausage delicious. Given King Sue Ham’s heritage (this is the same brand that gave us the exceptionally flavorful ham beloved by many), they obviously know how to perfectly match spices and herbs to create that depth of flavor and distinguishable aroma of their Hungarian sausage.

Like everything in their line, they only use premium, high-quality meat and follow an incredibly stringent process that involves drying and smoking to create their distinct flavor and texture.

A Seasoned Choice: German Franks

While we’re already on the subject of sausages, here’s another one that we’re throwing into the mix: German Franks — particularly, the King Sue Ham German Franks.

Like the Hungarian sausage, it’s also made from premium and quality meats. Because it’s by King Sue Ham, it also follows a meticulous production and creation process. But the German Franks flavor profile is a little more straightforward.

King Sue Ham’s German Franks for instance are smoked to achieve that unique aroma with that slightly dry and spicy taste. It has a natural color, and every bite is a juicy morsel packed with flavor.

The Simplicity of Breakfast

These hearty, protein-rich foods are not only mouth-wateringly scrumptious, they’re also quick and easy to make.

You can go big and enjoy a weekend fry-up featuring all these breakfast essentials in one plate, served with eggs and toast. Or you can choose one staple and one recipe for every day of the week. Don’t worry, they’ll still be simple and easy to make (literally fry them and serve) and they will taste just as good.

Truly a breakfast fit for a king.

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