DPWH rushes new office, finishes Tenejero Bypass

BALANGA CITY, Bataan — The Department of Public Works and Highways 1st district enginering office is fastracking its P60 million new office in the First district while announcing the completion of the bridge construction and improvement of a section of the Tenejero Bypass Road in Balanga City.

District engineer Erlindo “Boying” Flores of 1st DEO, revealed that the new office located in Orani town might be completed before the end of this year.

The Tenejero bypass road meanwhile was implemented by DPWH Bataan 2nd District Engineering Office.

District Engineer Ulysses Llado disclosed that the project covers concreting of a 163.60-lineal meter section of the bypass road and construction of a two-lane, 12-meter concrete bridge.

“The bypass road now connects the urban barangays of Tenejero and Camacho which are both highly populated and located in the commercial district of Balanga City. Traffic congestion is a big problem for motorists for years, so this project will bring them tremendous relief,” Llado added.

A 453.20-lineal meter drainage canal was also constructed to prevent water accumulation on the pavement or road shoulder, as well as a 244-lineal meter concrete slope protection structure to help stabilize the slope and protect surrounding properties.

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