Gaming for a profit will be an industry mainstay

From e-sports to e-gaming, the idea of playing games to make an income has become more prevalent in recent years. Both spaces have seen exponential growth in participation and profitability, leading to the country becoming a central hub for online gaming.

Just recently, the Philippines was considered the e-sports capital of the world by Arniel Gutierrez, president of the E-sports World Federation, which governs the sport globally. Meanwhile, online gaming or e-gaming has also seen steady growth because it is an easy and accessible alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar gaming operations. From smartphone accessibility and a wide range of games to better bonus prizes and more payment options, e-gaming has become a convenient option for an always — online population.

“Digitalization has carved out a large space in society, especially during the past few years. It only makes sense given how digital — savvy Filipinos are,” says Calvin Lim, president and CEO of DFNN. “Now, it’s up to us to invest in the future success stories of online gaming and e-sports. We’ve seen how these industries are booming — the potential is already there, and we need to grow it,” he adds.

Esports: From a hobby to a business

The realm of esports usually covers six video game genres, specifically fighting games, real — time strategies, multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBAs, sports games, and digital card games. In the country, the esports scene began as a casual hobby among gamers who hung out at internet cafes or with friends. However, the sport grew in 2016 when the Philippines’ TNC Gaming team beat the established European team OG at The International Dota 2 Championships.

Since then, more local teams and individuals have won multiple awards at international competitions. Team Sibol won silver medals at the Southeast Asian Games, while the all — female GrindSky Eris took home a gold. E-gaming competitors typically hand out cash prizes to winners, making it a viable career option for talented gamers. Besides this, player salaries have also been reported to go up to P80,000 a month. Sponsorships for established teams also add further profitability to an already substantial space.

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