Globe supports SIM Registration Act, rollout of National ID

Globe welcomes the swift passage and signing of the SIM Registration Law as it reiterates its call for the full rollout of the National ID system.

Globe says a verifiable and fool-proof identification system is the foundation of the SIM Registration law. If people are allowed to submit any form of identification that can easily be falsified, SIM registration will be useless for law enforcers, and fraudsters will continue to operate.

“For this reason, our position has been clear from the beginning, a National ID system must be in place to ensure the safe and successful implementation of this new law,” says Globe General Counsel Froilan M. Castelo.

The passage of the SIM Registration law is envisioned to provide more robust regulation and enforcement against cybercriminals hiding behind anonymity to defraud mobile phone users.

Globe says the government must look at global best practices in implementing the new SIM Registration bill. Many countries use their national ID system to quickly verify the identity of a person who registers a SIM number. A National ID system covers the majority of Filipinos and will serve as a crucial source document for telcos to counter-check IDs prepaid SIM users present as proof of identity for registration.

“We support the passage of this measure after previous roadblocks, and we are ready to comply. Aside from our advanced cybersecurity capabilities, we welcome a new regulatory environment with stronger safeguards against cyber threats and other crimes using mobile phones,” Castelo added.

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