Stay off journos, cops wearing civvies told

Metro Manila police chief P/Brig. Gen. Jonnel Estomo has ordered police officers reaching out to members of media facing threats not to do so while in civilian clothing.

He said efforts by cops to talk to journalists in danger are in line with a “commitment to protect them from danger and to ensure their safety.”

A certain police officer, already identified by the National Capital Region Police Officer, allegedly raised concern after visiting a journalist while not in uniform.

“I immediately ordered all commanders from district directors down to the chiefs of police, as well as the station commanders to stop and refrain from doing the same,” he said.

“Though we have good intentions with this endeavor, I personally apologize to all our media friends. An investigation is already in place pertaining to this incident,” he added.

The visit by the cop in civilian clothing reportedly happened in Marikina.

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