Taiwan promotes beverage chains in the Philippines

A delegation from the Ministry of Economic Affairs has traveled to the Philippines to promote Taiwan beverages at a franchise fair, reports said Friday, 14 October.

The Southeast Asian country amounted to a potentially profitable market for teas and fruit drinks due to its hot weather and young population, CNA reported.

The Oct. 14-16 fair marked the first time in three years that the MOEA sent a delegation to attend the opening and promote brands of drinks and sweets from Taiwan. However, there were also companies hoping to set up chain stores in the Philippines with products and services related to hair care and shoe repair.

Some franchise operations were already active in popular tourist destinations such as the beach resort island of Boracay, but wanted to expand to other cities and regions. Taiwanese business people described the demand for Taiwan-style tea and fruit drinks in the Philippines as considerable, forming a positive market for beverage franchises already successful in other countries. (Story courtesy of Taiwan News)

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