Motorcycle taxis eye ‘MC Taxi Law’ as boost

Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders are expecting to have better livelihoods once the law regulating motorcycle ride-hailing operations has been legalized.

National director for Media Affairs of the Alliance of Road Users and Motorcycle Advocate Society Zaldy Lenon said the Department of Transportation’s support to the industry was “a relief.”

“Motorcycle taxis have been in the Philippines for four years, and our riders have helped and provided service to many. We think that Filipino riders and all other road users are ready for this type of transportation that only brings convenience for them,” Lenon said.

“When the motorcycle taxi becomes legal, our riders will have other options — especially now that people are returning to their respective offices and students are returning to their schools. Riders will also have an additional option on which platform they can travel on

— this is a big help for our riders to have extra income,” he added.

There are about 200,000 habal-habal taxis in Metro Manila, all risking being caught each day just to earn for their family.

According to Move It chairperson Francis Juan, “the forgotten habal-habal drivers” need the government’s support to legalize their livelihood.

“These forgotten people only need one thing: For the government to allow them to temporarily operate legally just like Move It, Angkas and Joyride. Or for Congress to fast-track the passage of the bill legitimizing the motorcycle taxi business,” Juan said.

The Technical Working Group of the Department of Transportation under the Duterte administration was initially limited to only Angkas and then added two more later the number of motorcycle taxi companies under its pilot program to study the business although there were other interested parties.

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