Outstanding gov’t servants award in ‘public’s hands’

In order to be transparent in giving away citations to deserving public servants, the Civil Service Commission has tapped the public in choosing the best government employees who showed exemplary dedication to serving Filipinos.

The CSC has already released 41 semifinalists to the 2022 Search for Outstanding Government Workers, and they are now soliciting public feedback to choose the model employees of the government.

“The public is requested to send feedback, whether positive or negative, on the shortlisted nominees until 28 October 2022. There are five individual and eight group semi-finalists for the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award,” the CSC said in a statement.

They are urged to send feedback on the semifinalists through the HAP Secretariat email, the Contact Center ng Bayan email and the CSC Facebook page.

According to the CSC, its regional and field offices have received a total of 408 nominations, carefully screened and deliberated upon by each CSC RO’s Regional Committee on Awards, composed of the Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, Public Assistance and Liaison Division Chief, and two representatives from the Regional Multi-Sectoral Advisory Council, the Regional Council on Human Resource Management Practitioners, or the academe.

The regional screening yielded 147 regional winners.

The regional winners’ nominations were further evaluated by the National Honor Awards Program Secretariat, leading to 105 national qualifiers.

These were then deliberated upon by the National Committees on Awards, namely, the Committee on the Presidential or Lingkod Bayan and CSC Pagasa Awards, and the Committee on the Dangal ng Bayan Award. The national-level screening produced the abovementioned 41 semifinalists.

After getting additional information on the semi-finalists, the National Committees will once again convene to decide who will make it as CSC Pagasa and Dangal ng Bayan awardees, and Presidential Lingkod Bayan finalists who will be endorsed to the Office of the President for further vetting and selection of winners.

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