SoJ under attack

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla is under attack. And no matter what he does, he is already judged by conniving forces to unseat the current administration to regain powers and reinstate their polluted brand of leadership.

The arrest last week of his 38-year-old son Juanito Jose Remulla III by members of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for receiving a package containing a kilogram of what PDEA agents described as high-grade marijuana in Las Piñas City had tied the hands of the Justice Secretary, placing him in extreme distress and dilemma.

Indeed the SoJ is placed between a rock and a hard place.

Foremost, Remulla must resist all temptations to protect his son from harm as a father. But as one of the staunchest defenders of the drug war policy and justice, he must also ensure that justice prevails and should punish those involved with the full powers of the law.

Early on, Remulla commended the arresting PDEA agents for doing their job and vowed that justice would take its course. He also pledged that he would not interfere with his son’s case.

In a handwritten note, Remulla said, “I am both a father and the Secretary of Justice, roles that I take very seriously. We all know about unconditional love, but at 38 years old, he will have to face his predicament as a fully emancipated child.”

He added, “A person should always face the consequences of their actions, and I will let justice take its course. This is a very difficult time for me and my family, but this is nothing compared to what so many Filipinos are going through. I will respect the justice system, and I wish my son a path to redemption.”

Still, despite his categorical statement of allowing the wheels of justice to grind, some doubt Remulla’s sincerity insisting the incident is a “litmus test” not only for his leadership as SoJ but for the Marcos administration as well.

But why is Remulla a target for destabilizers?

Since assuming the position as the Justice Chief, Remulla initiated reforms in the Department, which saw him at loggerheads with existing syndicates who benefited from the old system.

He proposed to transfer the New Bilibid Prison facility in Negros Occidental and place the prosecutors and the Bilibid facilities under tight watch two weeks after assuming office.

Remulla’s first course of action was to issue a circular that gave him additional powers over the National Prosecution Service. He met with prison reform expert Raymund Narag to discuss changes in the Bureau of Corrections.

“Maraming nasasagasaan,” one of our Maritess told us.

Fortunately for Remulla, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. swiftly dismissed calls for his resignation and even commended him for his open declaration of a hands-off policy over his son’s case.

“You call for somebody to resign if he’s not doing his job or if they have misbehaved in that job. He has done quite the contrary,” the President said. “He has taken the very proper position that he is recusing himself from any involvement in his son’s case.”

The President said he believes the Justice Secretary shows prudence in exercising his authority and has demonstrated remarkable restraint between being a father and a public servant.

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