Beauty Gonzalez: ‘Boring’ in person but reads three newspapers

Beauty Gonzalez has come a long way from 2008’s Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus, where she placed fourth, to playing supporting characters, to landing a major role in Kadenang Ginto, which ran from 2018 to 2020.

In 2021 she switched networks from ABS-CBN to GMA — where she’s currently in the cast of The Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters series.
Gonzales sat down for a Q&A with Daily Tribune.

Daily Tribune (DT): For the past two years, you’ve been swamped with TV projects. What’s your favorite role so far?

Beauty Gonzalez (BG): Loving Miss Bridgette had a big impact on me kasi it was my first time at GMA and I had to prove myself since I didn’t have a contract. Nagulat ako kasi nag-rate siya at nagkaroon ako ng mga batang fans. Very happy ako… wala pang isang taon naka-trabaho ko na agad si Dingdong Dantes…

The Fake Life (also). Hindi ako ganun sa totoong buhay, na may ibang asawa… I love afternoon shows, those are what I’ve done with the other network…

DT: What other series do you want to appear in?

BG: I want rom-com. I want action.

DT: Any specific actors you would like to work with?

BG: Lahat ng bagets, lahat ng kahit sino. I’m open to everyone, there’s a wide range of actors now, so I’m really open to working with anyone.

DT: What do you do in your free time?

BG: I spend it with my family. I’m really boring as a person, like, nagpapanggap pa ako sa asawa ko na, “Uy ang ganda ng show,” pero maya-maya tulog na ko. I sleep at 8 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. I do my morning coffee and, would you believe it, I still have newspapers in my house — three newspapers… And then I run. I love running, I run twice a day.

Sometimes I go to art galleries since I really love contemporary Filipino art. I’m a very huge fan, ‘yun talaga ang bisyo ko. I go art and antique hunting. Kung yung iba bumibili ng bag, jewelry sapatos, ako puro Sto Niño, puro paintings.

DT: What’s your latest purchase?

BG: I have a new Arthur Vera painting, he’s a young guy, nice abstraction, maganda.

DT: In your recent project, Mano Po Legacy: The Flower Sisters, you again portrayed a feisty character. What similarities and differences do Violet and Beauty Gonzales have?

BG: I always speak my mind. ‘Yun lang ang pareho kami ni Violet na sobrang prangka. Very dedma rin ako. kung ano yung i-a-ano mo, the more kitang dededmahin, lalo na kung pangit ka, goodbye. Hindi kita papatulan pero si Violet lahat pinapatulan. Pareho kaming outspoken, but I choose my battles.

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