Cabbie confession

Taxi drivers at times witness little personal dramas while driving passengers around, but in some instances, they are the ones who figure in highly charged scenes.

Just recently, a taxi cab was carnapped outside the EDSA carousel bus station on Main Avenue, Quezon City. Pursued by responding police, the car thief ran, crossing the EDSA southbound lane.

A passing bus ran over the suspect, killing him instantly, GMA News reported.

Meanwhile, a cabbie in Davao City claimed he fell victim to robbers early this month.

Driver Mark Anthony Canilon went to a local police station and reported that two male passengers had pulled out a knife and demanded his earnings, GMA Regional TV One Mindanao reported.

Canilon told police he gave all the money to the robbers. Upon further questioning by investigators, however, he was detained instead of assisted.

Apparently, the cabbie admitted to police that no robbery happened.

Canilon told investigators he pretended to be a hold-up victim because he had lost his earnings while gambling, in the hope of multiplying it.

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