Covid-19 cases up by 7%

The Philippines logged a total of 15,314 new Covid-19 cases from 10 to 16 October, the Department of Health said Monday.

Based on the department’s latest case bulletin, the fresh infections were 7 percent higher compared to the previous week.

Average daily infections are standing at 2,188 from the previous week’s average of 2,048.

The Health department also reported an additional 251 verified Covid-19-related deaths from August 2020 to October 2022.

“Of the 251 deaths, 33 occurred in October 2022, 8 in September 2022, 2 in August 2022, 1 in February 2022, 194 in August 2021, 12 in July 2021, and 1 in August 2020,” the agency said.

There is a total of 690 severe and critical cases that were admitted to hospitals due to the dreaded respiratory disease, according to the DoH.

Of the 2,504 intensive care unit beds, 625 or 25 percent were occupied while 5,697 or 26.8 percent of the 21,281 non-ICU Covid-19 beds were in use.

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