DILG denies cockfight modernization directive

The Department of the Interior and Local Government warned the public against the proliferation of fake documents on the modernization of cockpit operations circulating in the country.

DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos Jr. disclosed that his office had received reports of an “unnumbered and unsigned memorandum circular with the subject Guidelines on the Modernization of Cockpit Operation or Cockfighting” making rounds to local government units.

Abalos stressed that it has given the wrong public impression of the new guidelines related to cockfighting and clarified that the memorandum is a ‘spurious and unofficial document’ as he advised cockfigthing aficionados to trust only official sources.

“Official copies of DILG issuances may be accessed at our website while official statements, reports and updates are posted through our social media pages,’’ Abalos said.

The DILG chief also said that the most recent official DILG directive pertaining to cockpit operations is DILG MC No. 2022-003 dated 19 January 2022 with the subject “Guidelines on the Resumption of Cockpit Operations or Cockfighting in Areas Under Alert level 2 or Lower.”

Under the said memo, only technology-based platforms and cashless betting are allowed to prevent the physical contact or exchange of bets inside the cockpit arena.

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