Furnish me EJK names, Remulla dares NGOs

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla dared non-governmental organizations and other groups to furnish him with names of those involved in extra-judicial killings and he will act swiftly.

Remulla made the dare when he was thrown about 100 questions during his presentation before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Remulla represented the country as the government moved to clarify things about the human rights situation in the country.

“We are a democratic country and we respect the rule of law. We have a concept of justice thus the representatives and officials of the UNHCR understood that we are not that kind of country and people,” Remulla said.

He challenged those claiming supposed human rights violations during the drug war of the former administration and the current administration to provide him with the names and he will order the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate.

“They are not answering because they were fed with false data thus we explained the situation very clearly and they understand,” he said.

Remulla has to bring the stand of the country to Geneva to quell a possible second resolution about the country’s human rights situation which was firstly sponsored by Iceland.

He said the reports reaching the UNHCR were very adverse since many non-governmental organizations were painting the country badly.

“The good thing in the said gathering was we were able to talk to the human rights committee and we were able to answer questions eyeball to eyeball,” Remulla said.

The important thing in the said UNHCR activity was that the DoJ team managed to show that the supposed human rights abuses committed are not a state policy as the country has a concept of justice.

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