Group wants blended learning continued in public schools

A teachers’ group on Tuesday called on the Department of Education to also allow public schools to implement blended learning.

This, after DepEd allowed private schools to continue implementing blended or full distance learning starting 2 November of this year. 

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition stressed that blended learning should also be an option in public schools, specifically those that still lack classrooms and teachers.

TDC national chairperson Benko Basas said that public schools should be allowed to hold at least one day of distance learning since the past two months have been difficult for schools that have a shortage of teachers and classrooms.

“This doesn’t mean that it’s just online classes, it can be modular or asynchronous, what is important is that more time will be allotted in the face-to-face classes,” Basas continued.

Since classes started in August, many schools have implemented blended learning where learners are not required to attend a full week of physical classes. 

Learners will spend one or two days doing homework, attending online classes, answering modules or doing asynchronous activities depending on the capacity of the children or the community. 

Teachers, however, are still expected to physically report to school five days a week.

Basas added that a day of distance learning will help the children get some rest.

The group is hoping that the DepEd management will consider the option. Last month, the DepEd announced that it is planning to institutionalize blended learning.

“The one-day distance learning will also help strengthen the mental health of children and teachers,” Basas said.

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