Private schools allowed blended learning anew

The Department of Education has allowed private schools to continue implementing blended or full distance learning mode after 2 November after the Education department issued an amendatory Department Order to DO 34, s. 2022 allowing private schools to offer blended learning modality and full distance learning options to their students on Monday.

“Private schools may continue to implement any of the following: Five days of in-person classes and blended learning modality, including three days of in-person classes and two days of distance learning (modular, online, television or radio-based instruction), and thereafter, four days of in-person classes and one day of distance learning,” said Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Z. Duterte said in the order.

She added that private schools may also opt to hold in-person classes from Mondays to Wednesdays and distance learning from Thursdays to Fridays, or Mondays to Thursdays for in-person classes and Fridays for distance learning.

The Education department also allows full distance learning mode of education.

The order amended Duterte’s previous order which mandates that all public and private schools in the country must hold face-to-face classes by 2 November, but public schools, under the latest order, are directed to transition to five days of in-person classes” starting 2 November.

“After the said date, no public school shall be allowed to implement purely distance learning or blended learning, except for those that are expressly provided an exemption by the Regional Director, those whose classes are automatically cancelled due to disaster or calamities and those implementing Alternative Delivery Modes such as home schooling,” the DepEd order added.

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