Robin proposes tariffs on foreign shows

Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla on Tuesday proposed to impose tariffs on foreign shows to help Filipinos working in the film industry.

During the Senate panel’s budget deliberation of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Padilla, an actor-turned-lawmaker, said the funds from these tariffs can be used to encourage the local film industry to produce more Filipino movies and dramas.

“Can we find a way to raise taxes for foreign series entering the Philippines? This will result in subsidies for workers in our local industry,” he said.

“Besides, the entry of foreign shows is costing many workers in our local industry their jobs,” he added.

Last July, Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno revealed that the government is planning to impose taxes on digital services, including streaming services such as Netflix, in a bid to earn additional revenues.

Filipinos ‘obsession’ with Kpop

Padilla also inquired about the apparent “obsession” of Filipinos with Korean-made films and programs.

Padilla asked the FDCP chair Tirso Cruz III about his opinion regarding the matter.

“We are puzzled because when we look at the mirror, we are more handsome than those (actors) from South Korea,” he said.

“Nothing has been fixed in my face even my nose, you can punch it. In your opinion, why our fellow Filipinos are more inclined to watch films made by Koreans than locally-made films?” he asked.

In his response, Cruz said the South Korean entertainment industry is now bearing the fruits of its years of hard work.

“Maybe because of their long preparation for what they have now. Maybe the people now are only seeing the fruits of many years of preparation they had,” he said.

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