Special delivery

Amazing babies are born because of amazing circumstances.

For American surrogate Nancy Hauck, her pregnancy is rare and strange. The fetus growing in her womb is her grandchild.

Hauck’s son Jeff and his wife Cambria had one of their three in vitro fertilized embryos implanted on her as the daughter-in-law lost her uterus from earlier complications from twins’ birth. With Cambria no longer able to bear a child, her husband’s mother volunteered to carry and deliver their next baby.

After doctors found Hauck fit to do the selfless act, she underwent 12 weeks of hormone therapy before receiving the embryo. The 56-year-old Hauck from Utah is scheduled to give birth next month.

There are successful births but the baby born has physical defects that can be life-threatening.

Francesco Bruno was born with skeletal dysplasia, which prevents his rib cage from growing properly and affects his lungs, Fox News reported.

Doctors at the La Rabida Hospital in Chicago treated Bruno’s delicate condition through several surgeries, intense rehabilitation, and therapy, according to Fox News.

On 11 October, the boy finally went home to Oak Park for the first time since birth or after spending his entire life, 2 years and 10 months, in the hospital.

Premature births also result in physically inferior babies. But the case of Danica Biazon was an exemption.

Rowena Biason of Barangay BonuanBoquig in Dagupan City, Pangasinan gave birth to Danica on 5 October, one month earlier than her due, GMA Regional TV One reported. The baby, surprisingly, was healthy.

More than that, the baby already has two lower front teeth when born, a rare condition that doctors call natal teeth.

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