Bren Esports stuns Omega

MPL Season 6 champion and M2 Mobile Legends world champion Bren Esports pulled off a reverse sweep to eliminate Omega Esports on the opening day of the MPL Season 10 Playoffs on Thursday evening.

Composed of Pheww, KyleTzy, SUPER MARCO, Pandora, and Owgwen, Bren suffered back-to-back defeats in the first couple of games in the best-of-five series. Bren, however, surprised the crowd as they apparently have an ace up their sleeve highlighted by a Gusion pick in Game 4.

“I feel the last time I used Gusion was in MPL Season 4 when I was still a core. We really planned to use Gusion because we had successful scrimms where we use him as position 4 so we were confident of bringing him out here in MPL,” said Bren’s team captain Pheww.

“After falling 0-2, we thought that we have to change our heroes and not allow them to continue their momentum.”

The win over Omega had set up Bren with a showdown against the S10 regular season top seed, two-time MPL champion, and M3 Mobile Legends world champion Blacklist International tomorrow, Friday at 5:00 PM.

RSG sweeps ONIC

Defending MPL champion and MSC 2022 champion RSG PH, meanwhile, scored a dominant sweep over ONIC PH. Composed of Light, Demonkite, EMANN, Aqua, and Nathzz, RSG never allowed their counterparts to catch a breather en route to winning the series by 3-0.

“We had a hard time in game one because of SUPER FRINCE. He did not show himself on the map often and his ultimate was ONIC’s saving grace. It was so hard because he is really good with his positioning,” RSG’s jungler Demonkite recalled.

“In game two, we just thought that our heroes were good with poking so we kept harassing them to keep them at a distance. We committed an error early on game three but we were able to make up for it.”

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