Healthy eating is not boring

Eating healthy is not dull, and it is a misconception. Christine Dogma Mackenzie, president and COO of Healthy Clover said it is about maintaining a balance of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. A healthy diet is not just about boiled veggies and punishing no-salt and no-sugar regimes.

In an interview with Daily Tribune’s morning show Gising Na!, Mackenzie maintained healthy food should is not synonymous with blandness.

“Everybody is saying that salad is boring. It is tasteless. But it’s a misconception. Healthy eating is not boring because it’s about balancing what you eat. There are so many alternatives and options they can use to make the food flavorful but still healthy,” she said.

She narrated that Healthy Clovers started operation last April 2021 with four branches, two in Las Piñas 1 and BF Resort, another in Pilar Village, and one in San Antonio, Parañaque City.

“We started a branch which we considered a hole in the wall and focused on deliveries since the Covid-19 pandemic last year. That started to make a difference. Our primary goal is to provide healthy food to the community,” she added.

Even during Christmas last year, Healthy Clover has proven that many Filipinos shifted to healthy eating as they became more conscious of their health as a side effect of the contagion.

“We boomed last Christmas because our customers shifted to salads instead of ordering lechon. We saw the sudden change of partnering our salads with the meat meals they are preparing for Christmas. And soon, we will be coming out with limited edition recipes, so they must watch out for that,” she said.

When asked what sets their salads apart from other brands, Mackenzie said their dressing is their edge.

“Our dressings are one of a kind, and what makes our vegetables delectable is what makes our customers keep coming back. We customize salads depending on the preference and diets of our clients.

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