Messaging platform expands reach to 227 global destinations via 700 network operators

Web-based multi-channel messaging platform m360 continues establishing its global presence by enabling outbound international app-to-person messages to 227 destinations worldwide.

The company has already grown its partner network operators to 700, expanding its reach from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Ramon Hirang, m360 chief executive officer, said they aim to democratize business messaging and open up telco messaging assets to the world.

“m360 strives to improve its global presence for businesses to reach customers on channels they are familiar with or prefer to use. We partner with mobile network operators worldwide so we can help our clients deliver superb customer experiences through meaningful conversations and boost their revenues in the process,” Hirang said.

Through the m360 messaging platform, businesses in the Philippines can send SMS practically anywhere they want. This allows enterprises to reach a wider audience for better brand awareness, customer service, and sales locally and abroad.

Due to heightened incidents of smishing or fraudulent activities via SMS, m360’s branded sender ID ensures that messages only come from official and legitimate sources for safe, secure, and reliable SMS delivery.

The easy-to-use messaging platform covers all aspects of the SMS wholesale business, including over-the-top media services such as Viber for Business, Facebook Messenger, and other digital messaging solutions.

m360 is the largest A2P messaging company in the Philippines, delivering best-in-class digital messaging products that amplify customer experience and seamless communications.

It boasts infrastructure that supports worldwide communications with international inbound and outbound messaging capabilities. It has the support of the Globe Group, a portfolio company under AdSpark Holdings, Inc. of 917Ventures, Globe’s wholly-owned corporate venture builder.

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