Transport chief urges public-private partnership for big-ticket projects

Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista on Thursday urged the private sector to collaborate with the government to realize the big-ticket infrastructure projects of the Marcos Jr. administration.

Speaking at the 48th Philippine Business Conference and Expo 2022 at the Manila Hotel organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bautista cited the pivotal role of the public-private partnership to achieve inclusive growth through infrastructure programs.

“There is indeed a need to undertake a crucial transport infrastructure project in collaboration with the private sector, including member firms of the PCCI. Some of our big-ticket projects have encountered limited budget allocations from the national government. We are actively pursuing the public-private partnership scheme to complete several of these projects,” Bautista said.

In addition, the Transportation Secretary said the government would invite as many private sector participants in its infrastructure projects, such as the privatization of the EDSA Carousel, the operation of the country’s seaports, and the privatization of 10 provincial airports, including the Manila International Airport. He said that the Cebu bus rapid transit projects and other public transport hubs are also up for privatization.

“This is the way for us to move forward towards providing safe, affordable, convenient, and accessible transportation. With a vibrant and modern transport system, we aim to increase productivity and efficiency for our commuters and travelers,” he said.

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