Here comes the rain again

While the rainy season marks the end of a warm, dry summer, the rainy season also ushers in a wave of climate-related conditions, the most prevalent of which is the common cold.

Because of the damp and cold weather experienced during the rainy season, allergens like mold or fungi are given a chance to grow at a rapid rate, which may exacerbate common cold symptoms, such as a runny nose, congestion and cough.

Changes in temperature can also cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Additionally, the strong winds during thunderstorms can disturb dust particles and pollen, making it more respirable and increasing the risk of triggering allergy or asthma attacks.

Not only that, the Department of Health has observed a rise in Covid-19-positive cases which puts the Philippines’ numbers at over triple the World Health Organization’s ideal 5 percent threshold.

Fortunately, there are many treatments available to help alleviate the discomfort caused by the chilly weather, while also acting as an added preventive measure against severe Covid-19 symptoms.

One of these is Lagundi (Vitex negundo L.), a trusted and accessible cure for common cold symptoms in the Philippines that has been clinically tested and proven to aid in the relief of cough, asthma, and other respiratory diseases, including Covid-19.

Lagundex is an over-the-counter drug that makes use of the mucolytic properties of Lagundi to help dissolve the sticky phlegm that develops from allergic reactions or asthma attacks. It also has a broncho-dilating effect, allowing the bronchial tubes to decongest and relax, which widens the air passage and makes it easier to breathe. It is also proven to help relieve mild to moderate cough without any harmful side effects.

Additionally, clinical studies showed that Lagundi can indeed help mild Covid-19 patients improve their symptoms. It also lowers the probability of developing anosmia, or losing one’s sense of smell.

Make the rainy season an enjoyable one by taking care of your health, staying warm, and choosing a preventive treatment that keeps the common colds — and Covid-19 — away.

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