MMDA full force during Undas

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority traffic personnel shall be in full force during Undas to ensure the smooth flow of vehicular traffic in the capital region.

The MMDA said it will implement a “no-absent, no-day off” policy for traffic personnel on 1 November 2022 during which Filipinos are expected to go to cemeteries to remember their departed loved ones.

“We are also deploying traffic enforcers for the influx of people coming or leaving Manila in bus terminals,” MMDA spokesperson Atty. Melissa Carunungan said, adding it will also deploy personnel to major public cemeteries.

Likewise, Carunungan said the MMDA is meeting with mall operators to discuss ways to reduce traffic jams ahead of the Christmas season.

“We have certain preparations for Christmas,” Carunugan said.

“We hope that if there is a sale, they should provide a traffic management plan two weeks before so that we can help with the flow of traffic.”

“We hope their deliveries will be done at night time with the exception of perishable goods such as food and water,” she said.

Carunungan said the MMDA is also communicating with concessionaires to temporarily stop road diggings and excavations.

“We were coordinating with different concessionaires such as Meralco, Maynilad, Manila Water regarding the moratorium on road diggings and excavations from 14 November up to the first week of January. So these are some of the preparations being made in relation to the upcoming Christmas rush,” she said.

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