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Home Credit Philippines, a consumer finance provider, is celebrating its 9th anniversary with Big-9 Big Time Anniversaya — A Big 9 to Remember, offering various commodities for every type of shopper at affordable prices and low-interest rates.

Check out some of Home Credit Philippines; suggestions:

Hardware for the titos and dads
From mechanically setting up cars, tuning machines, doing yard work to fixing broken sinks — titos and dads are certainly all-rounders! Buckle up and take your titos or dads to the hardware lane and get them the right tools and equipment. From power tools, garden supplies to plumbing tools, and automotive supplies, you can always make them smile and unload extra work off their hands.

Smart TV for binge-watchers and K-drama fans

Can’t wait for another season of your favorite series? Spoil yourself with a new Smart TV for a high-definition movie marathon. Whether on a movie date, pajama party with friends or while in a couch potato mode, a new smart TV makes every moment special with your best buddies!

Home appliances for titas and moms

Take your titas and mothers on a long stroll in the department store’s home section for a satisfying retail experience. Let them make purchases and bargains, from electric mops, electric fans, kettles to washing machines.

Bikes for fitness enthusiasts

Ride on! Embrace an active lifestyle by engaging in physical activities like biking. For fitness enthusiasts, biking activates their bodies and is a great way to bond with their squad by doing group rides on a weekend.

Smartphones for social media buffs

Time to check your notification list and stay connected with friends by using quality smartphones. For those who want IG-worthy photos, engaging on social media stories, or a quick chat with your circle, an ideal smartphone is what you need. Explore the latest apps, create awesome TikTok videos or start with your dream vlog through a swift and high definition smartphone experience.

E-scooters for errand runners

Need to buy something from a nearby store? Engage on a smooth stroll and save some time by hopping on an e-scooter! These sustainable transportation devices provide a level of convenience for daily living. If you want to drop by your friends’ house in another street, pick up the laundry, or just simply want to stretch your legs out in the nearest field — e-scooters are certainly one of the must-have transpo trends for errand runners.

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