DFA accepting ePhilID for passport applications

The digital version of the Philippine Identification System National ID or ePhilID can now be used as an accredited government-issued valid ID for passport applications, the Department of Foreign Affairs announced Friday.

The Office of the Consular Affairs of the DFA said that it will be effective starting Friday, 21 October 2022.

“To facilitate its use as a valid ID accepted for passport application, the public is advised that the details in the printed ePhilID must be clear, readable, and contain the same details as the presented documentary requirements during the passport application,” the DFA said.

The announcement came after the Philippine Statistics Authority allowed the use and printing of a digital version of the PhilSys National ID, a temporary solution for those who have yet to receive their physical National ID Card.

The ePhilID contains the following information: PhilSys Card Number, complete name, sex, blood type, marital status, date and place of birth, front-facing photograph, address, generation date, and QR code.

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