Finds Café state of mind

Zombies. The state most people are in if they don’t get their cup of coffee.

But with continuous inflation of prices, it’s impractical to head to the nearest coffee shop every single day for that essential caffeine fix.

The best option is to be pragmatic about it: Put up a personal café or coffee nook at home, especially if instant coffee just won’t cut it.

Here are a few things an aspiring at-home barista needs for that perfect cup of joe.

B Coffee Co.’s Freshman Machine

A beginner-friendly coffee machine can be the one used with coffee pods.

B Coffee Co.’s Freshman Machine is among the easy-to-use machines that can already produce a good cup of coffee just by popping in a pod. It is also Nespresso compatible which makes it easy to shop coffee pods for.

Shop here:

Price: P3,199

Coffee Pods Holder

Having somewhere to organize coffee pods makes it easier to choose the flavor of the day and it can also be for aesthetic purposes.

Shop here:

Price: P655

French Press

Another tool for wannabe baristas is the French press which brews coffee just by simply adding coffee grounds and hot water, steeping it for two minutes, and pressing down to filter the grounds.

Shop here:

Price: 350 ml — P100; 600 ml — P130

Airtight Glass Jar

Having a French press required good coffee grounds. While it’s okay to keep them in its original packaging, moving them into an airtight container makes it an aesthetic piece on the coffee nook.

Shop here:

Price: 1,000 ml — P199; 1,200 ml — P249; 1,500 ml — P299

Syrup Bottle with Pump

Same as the coffee grounds, it’s also okay to keep the syrup in its original bottle. But those who have a theme for their coffee nook may opt for this.

Shop here:

Price: P150

Coffee Tray

This is optional on this listing but having a tray to place all the accessories to create the best cup of coffee ever makes everything look neat and put together.

Shop here:

Price: P1,763

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