Taking coffee shops to the next level

“Tara, kape” is considered a new love language among millennials and Gen Z.

Coffee culture in the Philippines has expanded during the pandemic. Filipinos are known to consider coffee as one of their lifelines to survive a busy day or to spend time with friends. The growing market became an opportunity to expand cafés in the Philippines.

However, establishing a coffee shop isn’t just about the good aroma and taste of caffeine, aside from its accompanying food, the scheme of the place should have its own space identity to complete the coffee experience.

A monochromatic palette, pastel colors, or even earthy tones that compliment a spacious and simple interior is the standard for the minimalist design that’s been the trend in coffee shops lately.
The minimalist aesthetic is traditionally rooted in Japan’s Zen Buddhism and Scandinavian design. Emerging during the 1960s to reject abstract expressionism, a group of artists — Donald Judd, Carl Andre, and Dan Flavin created the art to focus on simple geographic shapes and the form.

An open layout and uncluttered space is a source of relaxation as the focus is on the functionality of certain objects, which makes cafe owners choose this kind of aesthetic for their architectural and interior design.

Here are some local cafés to visit in your hood.

Harlan + Holden Coffee
Inside the Bonifacio Global City is the first coffee shop that eliminates waiting in lines via its cashless policy.

Harlan + Holden Coffee shop is one of the nearest minimalist to-go cafés in the Makati area. Inspired from a glass house, the tagline “because coffee” glows with a gray and yellowish sign that radiates a luxurious ambiance along with the monochromatic colors. The shop gives the customers a minimalist-chic interior that compliments its warm coffee to pause in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sunday Coffee
A two-tone coffee shop located at Kawit, Cavite, makes coffee lovers eliminate the blues of the upcoming Monday with its sleek white and blue palette.

Offering both a homey vibe and fresh brews, Sunday Coffee attracts a Pinterest seeker coffee lover as it emphasizes the striking use of color and spaces. With its small interior, the café maximizes its opportunity to create a clean simple aesthetic and its own identity.

The café brings “less is more” into a white and blue interior experience that offers quality coffee sourced from Sagada, Mountain Province.

Kuma Kohi
Meanwhile, ensuring functionality and simplicity of the space, Kuma Kohi gives a more natural minimalist space with its choice of wooden furniture and leafy decorations.
Inspired by Japanese design and name, the café offers both good brews with their signature Spanish Latte (P120/130) to enjoy a cozy day. Located at Malate, Manila, Kuma Kohi is a perfect spot to chill for a virtual work day.

OUTSIDE looking in at glasshouse-inspired Sunday Coffee.

Sunday Sunday Café
With its brick and wooden interiors accompanied by nature decorations, Sunday Sunday Café had a space identity through its gray flooring, high ceiling, and glassed windows making the customer see the striking pieces of furniture, clear lines, and spacious place from the outside view.
Try their Iced Vanilla Latte and Iced English Toffee for only P140 and experience good caffeine with a good interior.
Make the most of “Tara, kape,” invitations from friends, lovers, family with local coffee shops that offer satisfactory brews and comfortable places to stay.

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