New StoreHub feature boosts business automation

Southeast Asian tech startup StoreHub has launched StoreHub Engage—a new automated marketing tool to help enterprises automate and grow their businesses.

In a press statement on Monday, the company said StoreHub Engage will help retailers and restaurants engage with their customers, drive repeat sales, and build customer loyalty by automating personalized SMS campaigns.

“Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses typically lack access to specialized knowledge to effectively reach their customers. We built Engage to help automate that,” Wai Hong Fong, chieftain and co-founder of StoreHub, said.

Fully integrated into its point-of-sales platform, the new feature allows businesses already using StoreHub’s ecosystem to automate up to four personalized SMS campaigns to existing customers within their database.

Automation includes sending cash-back reminders and birthday voucher codes to drive up customers’ engagement in their platform.

Phl rides on growth prospects

The Philippine economy is expected to pick up this year. As such, local businesses are encouraged to boost their digital adoption to further grow their businesses.

Earlier, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Alfredo Pascual himself urged growing businesses and entrepreneurs to adopt digital solutions to “operate more efficiently, reduce costs, reach bigger markets, and earn more profits.”

Across all markets, there are already over 300 businesses using StoreHub Engage, with restaurants and retailers seeing a median return on investment of up to 18 times through a surge in repeat and new customers brought in by improved Google ratings.

StoreHub Engage is the latest feature to be integrated into StoreHub’s platform—an ecosystem of over 30 features built for retail and F&B SMEs to operate efficiently and grow.

The platform started as a cloud-based point of sales but has since evolved into a full suite of solutions inclusive of inventory tracking, staff management, automated ordering and payment with QR, real-time reporting and analytics, and more.

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